Herbal Pharmacy

The medicinal benefits of herbs have been known for centuries. In China, traditional herbal remedies are still the backbone of medicine, and although we rely heavily on modern research for new cures for some diseases, herbal medicines are also fundamental to Western society’s treatment of illnesses.

Initially, herbs were used individually, with each plant or each part of the plant used to cure a certain ailment. As people came to understand the differences between one person and the next, the need for more personalized treatments developed, and herbal blends became necessary. It is now commonly taught that herbs are more effective when used in a formula, because the proper combination of herbs increases the potency in the desired direction.

Herbal medicine can treat almost any condition that patients might take to their doctor. In fact, modern researchers are finding that herbal medicines are often safer, less expensive, and at least as effective as prescription drugs.

Although there are some herbal formulations that will work as medicines for almost everyone, there is still a need for customized formulas. The Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Clinic is also an herbal pharmacy where Dr. Wu formulates her own proven recipes, fine-tuning them to meet individual needs.

Herbal Pharmacy

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