What to ask insurance companies...

To verify your coverage, call the 800 number on the back of your insurance card and ask the following questions:

1. Does your insurance policy cover acupuncture care? Yes / No

2. Do you need a referral from a primary care doctor? Yes / No

If yes, is your referral for a specific
number of visits or a specific time limit? _____________________

Does your referral need to be
aproved by the insurance company first? Yes / No

3. Is there a dollar limit per year? Yes / No

If yes, what is the dollar limit? $_____________

4. Is there a limit to the number of visits allowed per year? Yes / No

If yes, how many are allowed per year? _____________________

5. Does your insurance company cover your conditions? Yes / No

* Some insurance plans come with deductibles. A deductible is an up-front amount that the patient must pay out of their pocket before their insurance company will cover treatments. Deductibles can range from $200-$2000.

* Some plans come with co-insurance which may require patients to pay a percentage of the treatment cost.

* Most health insurance only covers certain conditions. Different plans have different policies. Some cover for pain management, some only cover chronic pain, some only cover morning sickness. Be sure to check with your insurance company to find out the conditions of your own insurance coverage.

* If you have recently switched to a new insurance company, please make sure that your new insurance does not have a three to six month waiting period. Some plans will not cover treatments for pre-existing conditions during the waiting period.

* Some insurance companies may refuse to cover acupuncture treatments even if the plan has acupuncture benefits.

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