Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Wu has given me back my life! ... Thank you, Dr. Wu, from the bottom of my heart." – Susan (Seattle)

"Thank you for your healing touch and for making such a big difference in my life the past two years." – J.Y. (Seattle)

"I keep telling people about how much you helped me. Many thanks!" – Wendy (Kirkland)

"Thanks for all your help, tender care, acupuncture skills, and conversation." – Larry (Fall City)

"I've had great success with all the herbal remedies that you have given me!" – Melissa (Bellevue)

Patients have provided written permission to quote their letters and cards.
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One night my heart started beating very fast. I was shaking and my chest felt tight. I got really scared, and I went to the emergency room. This was not the first time that I had an irregular heart beat, but it was by far the worst. The doctors told me that prescription drugs would not work for my condition because my heart went too fast and then too slow. If the condition doesn't get any better, all they can do is install a pacemaker. I felt like I was too young for a pacemaker.

I went to see Dr. Wu, and she said that we could try acupuncture and herbal medicine first. About ten minutes after Dr. Wu inserted the needles, I felt a pleasant, rippling sensation that moved from my upper arms into my chest. My breathing became easier. By the end of the treatment, I felt extremely relaxed. Dr. Wu also gave me some herbal tea, and I soon felt better. After few months of treatments my fear of having another attack of arrhythmia was gone. -N.S. (Washington)


I had acute arthritis in my knee. There was redness and it was swollen badly. It was so painful that I could hardly walk or stand. Dr. Wu was a young girl at that time. She did acupuncture for me. After the first treatment my condition improved greatly. The swelling and redness was much less the second day, and the pain was much less. After three treatments, my knee was back to normal. It's been cured since then. -Leo (Hangzhou)


I was sick every year with bronchitis and very bad asthma. Over the past 10 years, it had become increasingly worse, up to the point where I was on steroid inhalers year round. My dosage had gone up and I was receiving less benefit from it. During the acupuncture treatment, I felt relaxed, calm, sleepy, and warm with the occasional cold tingling. After the treatment, I have not had any upper respiratory infections for the past year and a half. On occasion, I will use the steroid inhaler, but I would say that I am now relatively asthma free! -A.S. (Sammamish)

Back Pain (to avoid surgery)

I had back pain for seven years. I rarely went more than a week without some level of discomfort. I had a flare up and was in severe pain for two days. I couldn't straighten my back and I shook all over.

Not knowing what to expect, I was a little nervous about acupuncture, but Dr. Wu explained what would be done and told me to do my best to relax. Considering my discomfort, she made me as comfortable as possible. During the treatment, the needles were no worse than pulling a hair on your arm. I was able to relax to the point of falling asleep, which was significant since I had not been able to sleep for two days. Dr. Wu woke me very gently. When I awoke, I felt no pain and was afraid to move for fear that it would all come back. As I carefully got off the table and stood, I realized that I was standing straight and in no pain at all.

I had a total of three treatments. After the first treatment, Dr. Wu advised that there would be some side effects later in the day. That night, at about two a.m., I had some symptoms of a pinched nerve in my spine and pain down my leg which was gone by morning. That pain was far better than the pain that I had walked into the clinic with. After the second treatment, my calf was numb, but there was still no pain. After the third treatment, I had a slight numbness in the toes of my right foot, but still no pain.

I have been pain free since that day. For me, acupuncture is a miracle! Finally, after seven years of some level of discomfort almost every day, I am pain free and a happier person all the way around. -James (Bellevue)

Bell's Palsy

Half of my face was paralyzed, because of Bell's Palsy. After acupuncture treatments, my condition was significantly improved with each treatment, and now I am completely recovered. -K.N. (Bellevue)


I highly recommend Dr. Michelle Wu. I have noticed significant improvement in the side effects of chemotherapy since seeing Dr. Wu. I am impressed with the knowledge she brings to her profession. -Catherine (Redmond)


I have had ulcerative colitis for many years. Some days I had a low fever, and every day I had cramps and severe diarrhea with blood and mucus. I didn't want to take steroids. I decided to use acupuncture and herbal medicine instead. After several months of acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment with Dr. Wu, my stool became normal. No blood, no mucus, and no cramps. I used to be on a strict nondairy, gluten-free diet. Now, I can eat normally. If I start to get a few symptoms, I take Dr. Wu's herbal formula. The condition completely clears up within a couple of days. It's amazing. -L.O. (Bellevue)


I was always upset, angry, crying, couldn't sleep well and tired. During acupuncture treatment, I had strong vibrations in my legs and stomach. I was not as scared as I thought I would be and the needles didn't hurt at all. Now I can work 60-plus hours a week, I am always full of energy, I sleep a lot better, and I don't cry anymore. I've never felt better. Dr. Wu is fantastic! -K.A. (Bellevue)


My Father was suffering of dermatitis during the summer, he used the cream that dermatologist give to him, but didn't work, his both forearms were very itch all the time, can't sleep well at night. When he visits me, I let him go to see Dr. Wu, she give to him three bags of different kind herbs, told him to make herbal tea to drink, also give to him another bag of herbs to make tea for external use. After three days, his skin problem was cured. We were astounded with the results. -Blake (Washington)

Eczema & Psoriasis

With acupuncture and herbal medicine, the quality of my life has been improved substantially. I suffer from severe skin problems (Eczema and Psoriasis) and have gone to many doctors for the course of over a year and half and have had no success. No doctor knew what caused my skin to all of a sudden have the symptoms of constant itchiness, inflammation in my face and all over my body, redness and dryness that could not be treated with any topical prescription or over the counter "miracle cream and lotion" of any line sold in retail. I have spent a lot of money with medical prescriptions and possible moisturizing lotions and creams and have had no success. At times the products and drugs worsened my condition. It was ironic to me that no skin tests or experienced doctors at local hospitals could figure out what caused my skin to be so reactive.

The worse part of it all is that I was told so many prescriptions would help treat my skin and none have done that for me. Over the span of about 18 months, I had tried drug prescriptions such as hydroxyzine, prendisone, allegra, zyrtec, and was consistently put on antibiotics for courses of over 30 days at times. All of these drugs treated part of the problem, but once I was off of them my condition flared up worse then before. I was drowsy in the mornings and sometimes all day. As a student at the University of Washington, my attendance was poor due to the way I felt and how dysfunctional the drugs left me. I took two leaves of absence from my work hoping I could figure things out, but no thing worked.

After a friend told me about acupuncture and how it could help me, I was skeptical about trying it, because I felt if the hospital doctors could not help me I wasn't sure if this would. It got to a point where I no longer wanted to continue exhausting the hospital doctors because I was getting no results, and the possibility of it working I wondered about. I decided to try acupuncture. Now I have see Dr. Michelle Wu for about a month, and am doing better than I have been in close to 18 months. I have energy, am able to not take any prescriptions, even my allergy medication and I feel great. As crazy as it may seem for some one who hasn't tried acupuncture I look forward to every visit because I know I am on the road to recovery and I feel one hundred times better. At night I sleep naturally, not how I used to when I had to drug myself just to fall asleep at night. I have recommended acupuncture to my family and friends and to anyone who is suffering from skin disorders. -Jean (Bellevue)


I first came to see Dr. Wu for pain in my back and leg. I had back surgery for a ruptured disk in 1980, since that time have been subject to frequent spasms and cramps. The treatment was successful, and during this period, I learned that high blood pressure and diabetes could be treated with acupuncture and herbal medicine. I have been taking Atenenol for high blood pressure and Glyburide for diabetes.

Dr. Wu began treatments for my high blood pressure with both acupuncture and herbal medicine. During the period of treatment, I cut my daily dose of Atenenol in half and monitored my blood pressure on a regular basis. I found that I was averaging 125/70, which I was very pleased with considering the reduction in the daily dosage.

When we began treating for diabetes, I was still exhibiting symptoms of the disease, including cold feet at night time, and getting up once or twice during the night to go to the bathroom. My ankles had a slight purple-ish color and were puffy on occasion. The first night I drank Dr. Wu's herbal tea, I slept through the night without getting up once. Subsequently, I noticed that my feet were seldom cold at night, and if they were, they warmed up quickly. My ankles have regained a healthier color and I haven't noticed any perceptible swelling. My blood sugar count has been dropping slightly to an average in the 160's, but I suspect that the decline would be greater if I adhered more strictly to the recommended diabetic's diet. -Victor (Bellevue)

Ejaculatory dysfunction

I had a problem with being unable to ejaculate. I kept on seeing several different doctors for many years, but without any success. Then someone referred me to Dr. Wu. After six months, my problem was cured, and now I have a lovely daughter. -G.F.


My grandma has erysipelas. She had a high fever and didn't eat for two days. Later her left leg was showing redness and she was experiencing burning pain. This was the second time she had this problem, and she was very stubborn in that she didn't want to go to the hospital for a penicillin shot. We didn't know what to do. I asked Michelle (Dr. Wu) who was my next door neighbor what she could do, and she gave my grandma herbal tea to drink. Three hours later, my grandma asked for something to eat. On the second day, her fever started to drop, and her leg was getting better. After seven days of herbal tea treatments, she had no fever and her legs were normal. -Yu (Hangzhou)

Elbow Injury (to avoid surgery)

My Acupuncture Rescue Story:

My right elbow was injured while at work typing around my lunch containers. The arm went limp. The Orthopedic and sports injury specialist told me following many visits including physical therapy that the only thing left was surgery. This meant removing the tendon's point of attachment to the bone, reattaching it, and then rehabilitation. I lost my Labor and Industries claim because after I declined surgery, he documented that there was nothing more he could do. At one point during treatment the doctor said, "It's only tendonitis."

That "only tendonitis" injury slammed shut four years of my lifestyle. I couldn't get a half gallon of milk out of the fridge nor peel a banana without pain. Camping stopped because I couldn't lift. I couldn't canoe. No tennis.

The first thing that impressed me about Dr. Michelle Wu was her concern over my injury. Her appointments were more like visiting with a friend than with a doctor. She was always extremely accommodating, making me as comfortable as possible. Finally, my injury was getting the attention that it craved. Her skill and caring were readily apparent.

As cruel as life is, I re-injured it twice during my out of pocket acupuncture treatments by Dr. Wu. However, we stuck with it together and my elbow is healed and my lifestyle is back.

In hindsight, I think I know what went wrong. The PT was done too soon, and a lot of scar tissue built up. -Larry (Fall City)

Facial Rejuvenation

It was a whole new thought to me. Michelle, you made a believer out of me. After one treatment, I could definitely see the improvement. A few visits later, I could definitely tell how those lines above the lips had practically disappeared. Again your words came true when you said, "You will look younger." At 63, I did not want the trouble and risk associated with a face lift. Acupuncture achieved just what I was looking for. Even my skeptical husband noticed the fuller lips right away. Thanks again Michelle! -R. Johnson (Redmond)


During treatments, I felt like layers of fatigue came off. After the treatment, I felt much better. I felt revitalized. I have had acupuncture treatment from others before, but Dr. Wu's treatment is especially good and effective. I give her my strongest recommendation. -James (Bellevue)


In 1998, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Previously, I had been a very physically active young woman -- I participated in rollerblading, racquetball, aerobics, skiing, jogging, hiking, etc. For the last year these activities were forced to stop because pain in my back made simple tasks like making a bed nearly unbearable. My legs hurt so severely that even walking short distances left me in tears. Every morning I would wake up dreading the moment my feet would hit the floor, knowing the few steps into the bathroom would send unbearable pain through my legs. The pain became progressively worse and spread through other areas of my body. I began to gain weight and feel depressed.

I have different experiences during treatment. Sometimes I fall deeply asleep. Often my body will be totally relaxed, yet will jerk suddenly when my qi begins to move. Other times it feels as though I'm almost in a trance, awake but strangely immobile. I always feel completely at ease and look forward to my treatments.

I have so much hope of resuming many of the activities I love. When before I would wake up feeling as though I hadn't slept a wink, I now wake up renewed. I no longer feel the searing pain in my legs and back that used to reduce me to tears regularly. I cannot find the words to describe how much acupuncture has changed my outlook. Before I had lost all hope of ever becoming my old self.

After only two weeks of Dr. Wu's treatments, my pain was reduced about 75%. After three months of regular visits, I rarely experienced any pain. I still have lower back pain occasionally but it is definitely manageable, and seeing Dr. Wu every four to eight weeks to keep it under control. In addition to the pain reduction, my body's immune system feels stronger than ever -- I rarely suffer colds and haven't had the flu since I began receiving acupuncture treatments.

The quality of life I had been accustomed to has been returned to me. Acupuncture is the answer for me and I recommend Dr. Wu to anyone who suffers from chronic pain. I was very skeptical at first -- now I am a believer. I am also glad to be able to live without painkillers; I didn't want to have to rely on drugs just to get through the day. I haven't taken any painkillers since I began acupuncture and I don't need to. Thank you, Dr. Wu, from the bottom of my heart. -Susan (Seattle)

Frozen Shoulder

I had severe pain from a frozen left shoulder and was unable to lift my arm due to limited range of motion. I saw another acupuncturist, but after a few treatments, he told me he couldn't help me. I changed acupuncturists and began seeing Dr. Wu. With each treatment, the pain and range of motion improved significantly. After perhaps six treatments, I was pain free with a near normal range of motion. -B.G. (Kirkland)


I had lots of small stones like sand in the gall bladder and bile duct. Surgery would only take the gall bladder out, but it would not take out the sandstones that were inside my liver's bile duct. I went to Dr. Wu. During several months of treatment, the stones came out continually, and six months later the ultrasound shows that most of the stones are gone. -J.Z. (Hangzhou)

Hair Loss

For three months I had been losing my hair. Dr. Wu treated me with acupuncture and seven star needles, plus herbs. After five weeks, my hair started to grow, but it was white. Dr. Wu changed the herbal formula, and one month later the area of white hair changed to its natural color. -B.W.(Jiangxi)


I had a lot of headaches for 25 years, sometimes it happened 2-3 times a week. After acupuncture treatment, I hardly have them anymore. It worked 100%. I have had no headaches in the past 3 years. -J.K. (Redmond)

Heart Failure

My husband had swollen legs recently; Dr. Wu let me bring him to her clinic. She asked him about his symptoms, and she checked his pulse and tongue. She said that it is most likely a heart problem. Then my husband went to family doctor twice, he did few exams, and nothing was wrong. He didn’t want to have any treatments at that time because he thought he was fine. Six weeks later, one night, he felt very bad and called 911. They found out that he had heart failure. I am so surprised by Dr. Wu's excellent diagnosis knowledge. She is unbelievably good! -C.D. (Bellevue)

Hip Pain (to avoid surgery)

Prior to treatment with Michelle Wu, I had significant pains in my hip, back and down my leg. For more than 15 years, I was unable to sit or stand for very long without great pain. Because of the pain, my life was limited to very few activities. By the time I started treatment with Dr. Wu, most of my day was spent in bed. I was facing my third back surgery when a neurosurgeon suggested acupuncture.

I am delighted with my treatment results. I am virtually pain free! I have been able to travel by plane and train, attend reunions, parties and family functions. I socialize, go to church, go shopping and enjoy a much more active lifestyle. What a lifesaver Michelle Wu has been for me! -Dorothe (Redmond)


I was impotent for many, many years. Dr. Wu cured my problem and she changed my life. -Anon (Washington)

Kidney Stone

I came to Dr. Wu with a kidney stone. It was extremely painful and were ruining my life. During the treatment, i felt energy flow all over my body -- around my legs, pelvis, abdomen, chest, and back. I felt some warm tingling and numbness as well. I was very calm and sleepy also. Dr. Wu sent me home with some herbal preparations to use. Over the next 3 months, many small stones of various sizes were expelled during urination. I also had a couple smooth black oval stones come out. Dr. Wu worked closely with the pains and symptoms described and I felt that she has literally worked miracles in helping me get rid of the stones. I feel as if I can go for rides now, exercise, and in general, enjoy life, whereas when I came in, I was unable to do any of these things. I am deeply appreciative! -Carole (New Castle)

Knee Injury

I injured my knee in May 2002. For the next five months I was in constant pain. During treatment, I experienced energy flow, twitching, tingling, and warm feelings. The pain lessened almost immediately, and within the time frame of my treatments, I gained back most of the use of my knee and had no more pain. -Christine (New Castle)

Lower Back Pain

I was in a great deal of pain with lower back and leg. Walking up stairs was nearly impossible. Nothing was helping -- pills, pills, and more pills! I saw a chiropractor for 12 visits -- a big waste of time and money in my case. I had seen several doctors, but they felt my discs weren't bad enough to do surgery.

The treatment didn't hurt at all. I felt no pain; in fact, it was almost restful. I felt better after the first treatment. After a couple months of treatment, I was better than I'd been in years. I have recommended Dr. Wu to a lot of people. It's just that one has to be ready to try anything sometimes. Acupuncture sounds strange to many Western people.

After about 20 years of lower back pain, Dr. Wu was really heaven sent! -W.K. (Kirkland)

Meniere's Syndrome

I had severe Ménière's Syndrome for seven years. It was getting worse during the last two years. The vertigo with vomiting happened at least once or twice a month. Each time I had to take pills that my family doctor gave to me and lie in bed for a week or more.

I went to see Dr. Wu to try acupuncture. After 30 minutes, she took all the needles out and asked me to get up by myself. I opened my eyes and slowly got up. Wow! I couldn't believe it. My vertigo and dizziness were gone! I kept on going for treatments, and the frequency of my attacks of vertigo was greatly reduced--from once a week to once a year. The duration of symptoms lightened from a week to only a few minutes. During the past year it hasn't happened again. -C.D. (Bellevue)

Menopausal Syndrome

After I saw Dr. Wu, my night sweats and hot flashes were completely gone! -Anon (Bellevue)

Menstrual Cramps

My daughter had horrible menstrual cramps. When she first started her period, she was cramping 24 hours a day. During this time she was in terrible pain -- she could not get out of bed, and tried to treat the cramps with heat and ibuprofen. She continued to cramp for four additional days during every cycle with pain so severe she could hardly walk.

I took her to an OB/GYN who started her on birth control pills. After trying this for a two months, the cramping had only lessened slightly. Upon further consultation, the OB/GYN suggested beginning the ibuprofen 24 hours before starting her period and doubling the dosage. she was taking 400mg of ibuprofen every four hours for four or five days straight.

As she was still unable to function two to three days of every month, I brought her to Dr. Wu for acupuncture and herbal treatments. At first she was scared of the needles, but quickly found out they didn't hurt. Over the next month or two, her periods improved dramatically. She is now able to function every day of her period. -L.M. (Kirkland)


I had severe migraines for more than 10 years. I had been seen famous doctors of both western and traditional medicine, but my migraines were still there, and getting worse every year. The dose of pain pills was getting higher. One day, the migraine recurred, so I went to the doctor to get some pain pills. I met Dr. Wu at that office, and she asked if I wanted to let her try to treat me. At the time, I didn't think she could help me, because she was very young. She looked like she had just graduated from school, but I thought maybe I would give her a try. It couldn't hurt, so I agreed.

She was very detailed. She asked about my medical history, and read all my treatment records. She made a customized herbal tea for me to drink and told me not to take pain pills that day to see how the herbs worked. I drank the tea that same day, and felt better. After three days the migraines were gone! I continued to drink the herbal tea for a week. The next year, the migraines came again, but they were not as severe. Dr. Wu gave me herbal tea again for a few days. Since then, I have been free of migraines. -K. S. (Hangzhou)

Morning Sickness

When I was pregnant, I had such a bad case of morning sickness that I frequently had to go to the hospital for an IV. One of my friends referred me to Dr. Wu. After the first treatment, I felt so much better! I was no longer nauseated, and I could eat anything without vomiting. -R.Z. (Hangzhou)


I had myocarditis for a year. My heart beat irregularly quite often and would get worse after exercise. I felt very weak. During acupuncture treatment, I felt very relaxed, very calm, and sleepy. I also drank the herbal tea that Dr. Wu gave to me. After the fourth acupuncture treatment, and two weeks of drinking herbal tea, my heart beat with a regular rhythm all the time and I can now exercise with no problems. -Claudia (Kirkland)

Neck Pain

My neck hurt very badly. I was unable to turn my neck for 3 months, and it affected my daily activities like driving. At first, I was a bit nervous about the needles, but I didn't feel any pain when Dr. Wu inserted them. After twenty minutes, I felt the pain lessening. After Dr. Wu took the needles out, she asked me to turn my neck. I couldn't believe it! I was able to turn my neck immediately. -Janifer (Seattle)

Nerve Damage

In November 2005, I decided to see Dr. Wu and try acupuncture. Like most people, I knew nothing about it and was very skeptical, not to mention my fear of needles. However, traditional medicine had labeled me hopeless and I had nothing to lose. I had recently been diagnosed with permanent, degenerative, and irreversible nerve damage as well as muscle damage to the rectal and pelvic area. Mt diagnosis also included permanent colostomy bad as my intestines could not function properly nor could they be fixed due to the nerve damage, so I was left with rectal and bladder incontinence, as well as extreme fatigue. I did my research and found Dr. Wu - her years of hands-on experience and early exposure to her field gave me reassurance that she would have the intuitive knowledge necessary for my case. So I prayed that God would guide her hands during the treatment and made my first appointment.

The first visit was not what I had expected. My case was almost impossible; she told me herself, that given my diagnosis, she didn't think she could help me. I told her I was willing to give it a try. The needles didn't hurt more than a pinch, but almost immediately I started noticing changes. I didn't know if they were good or bad, but the fact that I felt anything at all was promising. She connected a small electrical current to a couple of needles; it sounds bad, yet it really expedited the results. I had three treatments per week for over a month. Then, 6 weeks and 3 days later, something happened and I felt more energized and knew something had happened. It takes anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months for nerves to re-generate; I was sure that the process had started. I continued the visits, except the number of them was reduced to once a week. It took another month and I was able to eat wheat again - bread, noodles, etc. Two more months went by and I had a nerve/muscle test done. The results? They couldn't find any damage whatsoever to either nerve or muscle! I am now scheduled for surgery, and the results are promising given there is no nerve damage or lack of muscle function.

I have a better understanding of acupuncture now. It isn't suppose to replace all of traditional medicine, but to work with it. Acupuncture deals with 'channels' in the body and their relationships; they have to be in harmony for the body to function properly. It's like thinking about proper circulation to aid in healing; the more blood flow to an affected area, the quicker it will heal. This is why heat applied to wounds, infrared lights applied to scars, etc. are used in traditional medicine. In my case, I think the needles allowed the blocked channel to connect with each other (improving circulation to the affected sites and stimulating the nerves). Fortunately for me, the nerve damage was not permanent, degenerative, and irreversible; however, traditional medicine had no means of helping with that. I think the two should be used together; that is, try acupuncture and continue with your regular doctor. Your case might be more treatable after a few acupuncture sessions.

As you might understand, due to the nature of my condition, I don't want my real name to be used in this testimonial. I am in contact with the general public and do not want my medical condition to be an issue in any situation, so I've chosen to remain anonymous. I hope my testimonial will help you make your decision. Not all acupuncturists are the same; Dr. Wu is the only one I've known and of course, I think she's exceptional - one of a kind. She was an answer to prayers. I recommend her to anyone seeking relief of any kind, but especially those with muscle and nerve problems.

Miracles do happen. Remember that history doesn't remember those who have never tried something; so it's better to try, even if you fail, than not to have tried at all. -Anon (Washington)

Plantar Fasciitis (to avoid surgery)

I have had Plantar Fasciitis in both feet. Treatment was initially rest, custom orthotics, and cortisone shots (two in each foot). The doctor warned that if there was no improvement, I might need surgery.

During my acupuncture treatment, I felt energy flow around my legs and face, numbness, and some twitching. I was also very sleepy. After my treatment, my pain gradually lessened, and one day I was suddenly pain free! The pain has not returned since then. -M.S. (Mercer Island)


With the onset of pre-menopause in 1998, I suffered from migraine headaches. With every year that passed, the headaches became more frequent and more severe. I had to stay home from work for several days because the pain had become debilitating. These headaches would last as long as 2-3 weeks. I had been prescribed high doses of Ibuprofin, Execerdrin, and Maxalt MLT. These are painkillers would only make the headaches more tolerable, but did not prevent their occurrence. If I was not quick enough to recognize the onset of the migraine, I was paralyzed with pain.

A second affliction of my pre-menopause has been my inability to sleep at night, which often led to headaches the following day. My physician prescribed Trazadone to help me sleep. In the last six months, I have gone from taking 1/2 pill to two pills every night, and I still had occasionally difficulty sleeping.

On April 6, I visited Michelle Wu. I described my problems with migraines and my difficulties with sleeping, and she told me she could help. Since my acupuncture treatments, my quality of life has improved 100 percent. I have been able to sleep at night without taking the pills, and I no longer live in fear of incurring headaches if I exercise, eat the "wrong" food, get stressed, or become over-tired. Friends have told me that my face looks so much healthier, and I attribute this to acupuncture and the fact that I am no longer taking the medications. -C. (Issaquah)


I had chronic sinusitis and my immune system was weak. I had no ability to fight off viruses and infection; I was exhausted. My circulation to hands and feet were minimal. After my treatments, the natural immune system was restored. My energy was coming back, and infections were overcome without medication such as antibiotics. My hands and feet were normal temperatures most of the time too! -J. (Issaquah)


During the treatment, I felt a warm tingling sensation and a release of stress and pain from inside my body. I felt myself calming down to a point where I would be able to meditate or sleep. I felt a centering of my body's energy, harmony within myself, and relief from physical pain. -Dianne (Issaquah)


Last year my wife was suffering from shingles and your treatments relieved her pain when other approaches failed......
When I had you work on my back you gave me the time and patience necessary for relief. We truly appreciate your competence for alleviating chronic pain. -Bob O. (Bellevue)



My right knee was painful going up or down stairs with tendonitis. During treatments, I felt very relaxed, very calm and happy. The results were amazing! The next morning it hurt slightly more, but by the end of the day, it was less. The day after that, I could walk stairs with only a slight twinge. The next day I could do knee bends without pain and now 2 weeks later, no pain has returned. I am fully recovered. -M.R. (Mercer Island)


Over a 4 year span, I had tendonitis pain inside by elbow joint. Discomfort was proportional to use or overuse. After treatment, It was a little stiff or sore, sometimes for a day or two after. But gradually, it got better and better overall. Now the pain is gone. It took about 20 visits. -R.Z. (Bellevue)


My career as a professional recording guitarist/composer was saved by the quick and complete relief from the pain in my wrist. -Matt (Bellevue)

Trigeminal Neuralgia

I had trigeminal neuralgia for more than three years. I was always nervous when washing my face, because sometimes even a slight touch of the face with a finger could trigger the sharp pain from my nose and cheek up to my left eye. The pain was so sharp it would literally bring me to my knees.

After 12 acupuncture treatments, I have been pain free for the past two and a half years. I am so satisfied I have tried to encourage other people to try acupuncture. Thank you! -M.M. (Kirkland)


I have periodically had vertigo all my life. It got worse as an adult. For the past 14 years, when I had bouts of vertigo I used medicine to treat it, but the dizziness would always return. Mostly I had positional vertigo; I'd get dizzy when I changed position, moved my head quickly or bent over. I had to hold my head straight when I bent or changed position to try and not get dizzy. I also had "cyclone" vertigo, where the whole room would spin, and I would have to spend several days flat on my back until the bout ran its course.

During my first acupuncture treatment, I had a little bout of vertigo, and one when I got home. But since that first treatment I have had no more vertigo and no longer take medicine for it. I can move in any position without dizziness and can lie flat. -Dorothe (Sammamish)

Weight Loss

My appetite is reduced and I have lost 5 pounds the past 2 weeks! -Susie (Kirkland)

Thank You

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